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Name: Plokman.
Hobbies: Video games, making comics, model railroading, drawing.
Likes: Good jokes, good food, dogs, turtles, swords, trains.
Dislikes: Dr. wily, bowser, team rocket, makuta, piraka, bohrock, darth maul, sith.
Bio: A good natured silly shape shifter who loves to use monty python jokes. He is also a master of sword fighting and The Super Fist of The Samey-same. He learned how to summon things from the wise man of Mainframe.
Name: Gamefreak506, GF506, or GF .
Hobbies: Video games, making comics, listening to music.
Likes: Humor, his friends, his family.
Dislikes: His brother, people annoying him .
Bio: He's usually a calm person. He helps his friends and family if they ask him. He doesn't like fighting unless he doesn't have a choice. He can use magic with the staff he has and can use the powers of his fake Chaos Emerald. His sword can resize to either normal, or oversize.
Name: Kevin.
Hobbies: Video games, Reading, Origami, making comics.
Likes: Anime, Webcomics, Books, Video games.
Dislikes: People with terrible grammar, annoying people, movies where everybody just talks for 30 minutes.
Bio: A lazy but kind person. Will help anybody if they're in trouble. Doesn't have any weapons but is great at hand to hand combat.
Phantom V
Name: Phantom V, Gentleman Thief (the letter, not the roman numeral).
Hobbies: Stealing, thieving, arson, vandalism, fleeing and gloating.
Likes: Himself, treasure, more treasure, ill gotten wealth, making mischief.
Dislikes: Uncrackable security systems, things too heavy to nab, being stuck in barrels.
Bio: Phantom V tries to embody the classic age of romantic criminals, but he does a horrible job at it. His heists are successful 50 percent of the time and most of his career has been spent dodging the cops. His true talents lie in his inability to follow other people’s rules. Some say he deliberately annoys the crud out of other people just for the sheer pleasure of it. A Grade A Jerk.
Name: A.p.
Hobbies: Saying the same thing again and again, destroying robots.
Likes: All things green, all things blue.
Dislikes: Trash, dirt, soda can rings.
Bio: A one time hero who saved the rainforest. Now he works for his friend Plokman. He will help if asked but he never says anything but the lines he used to say to his enemies and for some reson he says ow my tail end a lot.
Name: Zordy.
Hobbies: Acting like a hero, trying to fight crime, trying to fit through doors with out breaking his back.
Likes: Power rangers, his suit, his sword, his friends.
Dislikes: Frogs, cats (They like to maul him), big rocks (They fall on him a lot), evil.
Bio: A guy who thinks his Megazord suit gives him super powers. He trys to fight evil but always gets beat up. He lives in kits and is a good friend of Plokmans. He also hates being so tall because of his bad back.
Cenarius feragama
Name: Cenarius feragama.
Hobbies: conquering, destroying weakness, seeking power.
Likes: Power, control, fear, anger, hate, shadow.
Dislikes: Kakama, weakness, fools, anyone who disobeys him.
Bio: A dark being that is nearly 17,000 years old. At one point the was sealed away by a group of warriors lead by Kakama the great. He has the powers of Infect (Possession), corruption (Mind sway), energy absorbsion, And manipulation of shadow. The world he owns can mutatate anyone who is within if he wishes it.